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  • Q Service of Huatao

    A 24/7 Period On-Line. Enough Stock to Catch your delivery.
  • Q What is your Package?

    A For the aerogel Blanket, we package it with Papertube and shockproof PE Film and paper board.
  • Q What certificate do you have for the aerogel blanket?

    A Our Aerogel Blanket is strictly according to ASTM D 1728 Standard. and can meet Reach, ROHS standard.
    MSDS also can enclose for your reference.
  • Q Can you send the samples for the test?

    A Certainly, the samples can be sent to you, and at free cost. size with 10*15cm is this workable for your testing?
    Please share with me your office address and contact information. thanks
  • Q How do your products linked to ASPEN?

    Our Aerogel Blanket is similar to the ASPEN Pyrogel and Cryogel, but there was a bit difference in the thermal conductivity.
    (1)For the Pyrogel series, our Thermal conductivity is from 0.017-0.023 W/m.k, and Aspen is 0.021W/m.k.
    (2)For the Cryogel series, Aspen is better than us, the thermal conductivity is 0.017W/m.k and our is 0.019-0.021W/m.k.
  • Q We work together with ASPEN, DON'T need to change others?

    A As we know, ASPEN is the largest aerogel manufacturer and has the most popular name value in the current business market.
    Even though there are many other aerogel manufacturers in addition to ASPEN, it's not easy to replace ASPEN.
    However, at the same time, it's true that many customers ( EPCs) feel uncomfortable with ASPEN's high price strategy.
    In this regard, how competitive the price we can supply will be the key factor.
    Please check our brief price, it was 20% down from ASPEN.
HUATAO products have been supplied to more than 20 countries and set up the agencies.