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Graphite Insulation Cylinders

Product Description

PAN-based Carbon fiber felt insulation cylinder,also called solid-state graphite felt tube , rigid graphite felt cylinder Main applications: it is mainly used for vacuum high-pressure gas quenching furnace, low pressure sintering furnace, pressurized vacuum sintering furnace.

Carbon fiber felt insulation cylinder 5

The material is formed by inteerating graphite paper, car bon felt and carbon cloth, and then qubjecping then to secondary high temperature purification treatment. The material is superior in ablation resistance performance, thermal shock resistance performance, airflow washing proof performance and thermal insulation performance. It is mainly used for vacuum high pressure air quenching furnace, low pressure fritting furnace, pressurization vacuum sintering fiimace etc.

Carbon-carbon composite material cylinder

Carbon-carbon composite material has the following properties:

High-strength, high-hardness, small weig ht, high thermal conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansio n, high-temperature resistance, good corrode resistance, good wear resistance, good thermal shake resistance.

We make the composite fabric into a material with big hardness, high-density and big strength.

Carbon fiber felt insulation cylinder 6


Density: 0.20 to 0.25g/cm3

Carbon Content : 99%

Thermal Conductivity (1150°C) : 0.2 w/m.k

Temperature: 3,600 °C maximum

Size of tube/drum:

Diameter: 200mm ~1,500mm

Thickness: 30mm〜120mm

High: 300mm~2,000mm