HT650 Aerogel Blanket for Heat Thermal Insulation
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HT650 Aerogel Blanket for Heat Thermal Insulation

HT650 Aerogel Insulation Blanket

Product Description

HT650 is an aerogel blanket composited with fiberglass. 

Similar to Pyrogel XTE and Spaceloft, mainly used for the hot &heat insulation and building insulation.

Working temperature from -200ºC to 650ºC, the thermal conductivity from 0.018-0.023 W/m.k.

HT650 Series is a series of flexible and highly efficient insulation blankets.

Perfect for the insulation in pipes, tanks, vessels, and other applications.

HT650 Series is the ideal option for those in need of better insulation performance and lower energy consumption.

HT650 Aerogel Blanekt has the lowest thermal conductivity ≤0.021W/m.k of any present-recognized solid. 

HT650 Series is a flexible, environmentally- friendly easy-handled insulation material.


  • Superior Thermal Performance

  • Fireproof and Waterproof

  • Long Service Life

  • Physically Robust

  • Environmental Protection and Anticorrosion

  • Sound Insulation and Shock Absorption

  • Easy to Install and Change


1. Superior Insulation Performance

2~5 times better than traditional insulation products with longer service life.

2. Reduced Insulation Thickness

For the same insulation performance, just take a portion of the thickness of traditional material.

3. Hydrophobicity and Fire-proof

Repel water from penetrating into pipes, equipment, A1 rating of fire-proof.


Product Name Aerogel Blanket
Model HT650
Color White/Maroon/Black/Grey
Thickness 3mm/5mm/6mm/10mm
25ºC Thermal Conductivity 0.017 ~0.023 W/(m·K)
Application Temperature -200ºC - 650ºC

Roll Size

10mm: Width 1500mm x 30m
6mm: Width 1500mm x 38m
5mm: Width 1500mm x 42m
3mm: Width 1500mm x 45m
Hydrophobic Yes
ODM Yes, cut into sheet, round, composite with 3M Brand adhesive, etc.

Sample Test


Thermal insulation performance of aerogel blanket
 testing by using a high-temperature spray gun.

Quality Control Measure



Solid packaging with paper tube core + shockproof film + cardboard.



oil exploration

Oil Exploration

chemical pipe

Chemical Pipeline Insulation


Marine Insulation

industrial Furnace

Industrial Furnace Insulation


Interior/Exterior Wall Insulation


Car Battery Insulation


1. Q: Which kind of aerogel blankets you can supply?

    A: We mainly have two series for Aerogel Blanket: One is HT650 Series, Other is HT200 Series:

HT650 is an aerogel blanket with fiberglass, similar to Pyrogel XT and Spaceloft ( mainly used for hot &heat insulation and building insulation, working temperature from -200℃ to 650℃), the thermal  conductivity from 0.018-0.023 W/m.k

HT200. Aerogel blanket with Aluminium foil, similar to Cryogel  Z (mainly used for cold insulation, such as LNG, Working temperature from -190℃-150℃ ), the thermal  conductivity from 0.019-0.021 W/m.k

2. Q: Can you send the samples for test?

    A: Certainly, the samples can be sent to you for free cost. The normal sample size is 10*15cm.

3. Q: How can you ensure the quality?

    A: Our Aerogel Blanket is strictly according to ASTM D 1728 Standard. and can meet Reach, and ROHS standards.

4. Q: How long is the production time after placing an order?

    A: Our goal is always to have your order delivered as fast as possible. We have stock in standard sizes. If for special sizes, the production time is about 3-5 days.

5. Q: What is your MOQ?

    A: We can accept 1 roll as a trial order.